Silicone Softness | FX Calculator

If you prefer to use the part-way of calculating (as used in Polytek’s Deadener & Hardener for Platsil Gels Technical Bulletin) you can click here to pop up that calculator.
If you want to know more about the system of gels, you can read the Platsil Gels Technical Bulletin.

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    Total amount

    How much silicone need to fill or make your item/mould/thing.


    You need to figure out how soft (or, for that matter hard) silicone you need in a % of A and B.
    This can be noted as a % of the silicone (A + B) or as a part of the total (as 1A:1B:?D)

    About the math

    You always have 50/50 of A and B.
    Deadener (or Hardener) is in addition to this.
    The calculation finds a ratio, and this ratio is multiplied by the amount of A, B and D.

    Mix Ratio formula