Volume of a pill shape

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= Diameter of (r1)

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Volume cylinder:
Volume cube:

Volum pilleform - farger
A: ,00 gram
[total_silikon]/([forhold_A]+[forhold_A]+[mengde_deadner]) * [forhold_A]
B: ,00 gram
[total_silikon]/([forhold_A]+[forhold_A]+[mengde_deadner]) * [forhold_A]
Deadner: ,00 gram
[total_silikon]/([forhold_A]+[forhold_A]+[mengde_deadner]) * [mengde_deadner]
Congratulations you have completed all of the steps successfully
    Measure X and Y

    Measure the width (X) and the depth (Y) of the cube part.
    Measure from the beginning of each curve.
    If the cylinder part is perfect, the depth (Y) will be the same as the diameter of the curve.

    Measure r2 and r3

    If r2 equals Y/2 you don't need to do this. If r1Y/2 you have an oval cylinder and need to create an "ideal cylinder" from this info.

    Heigth (h)

    Measure the height (h) vertically

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